Dec. 7 1941

P eople from Japan attacked with planes

E very year on Dec. 7 president Roosevelt declared it would not be forgotten

A t 8:00 am

R ememberence  Day

L ots of anti-aircraft guns where unmanned because it was a Sunday


H appened on Sun. December 7   1941

A rizona is a ship

R emeber this hero Allen William

B oys and girls died from this attack

O n Dec. 7 the Japanese attacked the navel base at Pearl Harbor, Hawii

R emeber that the Arizona is now a memorial


John   Smith

A    new   world

Many   settlers died

English   king   James   I


The   Virginia   Company

Official   Charter


No   one   new   how   to   hunt   or   farm


I  would  want  to  be  a  colonist  for  Jamestown  because  I  want  to  see  King James  I  and  because of  the  wealth.

Henry Hudson

June 1611

Explorer Gazette

In June of 1611 Hudson set sail.  The crew thought Hudson was sailing back home, but soon they realized he was sailing west to continue looking for the Northwest Passage.  Wanting badly to9 go home, the angry crew put Hudson, his son, and seven other crewmen into a tiny boat with no oars and left them in the Bay.  Hudson and the others were never heard from again.

So what happened to Henry Hudson no one knows.  People think that the other crewmen left them there to starve and die.

Should Every kid shuold get a trophy

Do you think every kid should get a trophy . . .well I don’t, you want to know why I’ll tell why, because the kid may have not earned them, like sometimes kids will get trophy’s just for showing up to dance or football every day.   I think kids would jealous of each other, plus parents might not be able to afford a trophy for every thing.  that’s why I thing kids should not get trophies for everything.