Alli’s Swallowing stones book reveiw

Swallowing Stones by Joyce McDonald is about a boy named Michael that shot a winchester rifle bullet aimlessly into the sky to celebrate that he’d gotten from his grandfather.  The next he heard on the radio that a man (Jenna, the main character’s dad) was shot in the head from a stray bullet while repairing his roof.  Michael did not know Jenna or her father.  When Michael figures out that he was the one that killed jenna’s dad he starts to lie to his family and friends and hide the evidence.  Jenna goes through the stages of grief and eventually feels like she should kill her father’s murderer, but first she has to find out who it is.  The police start investigating and Jenna starts seeking.  Soon things start getting bad for Michael and Jenna starts to feel better.


I liked this book until the end.  I enjoyed how there was different chapters for Michael and Jenna to see their point of view.  It also had a very good plot line.  When the ending came it was just flat and it ends very abruptly.    

Alli’s favorite

This year we have been reading  novels called A Paradise Called Texas and Willow Creek Home. It is about a German family Mina, Papa, and Mama. On the way they faced many battles happy and sad. My favorite part of Willow Creek Home was when Mina got captured by a Comanche. she struggles to get away and gets hurt along the way.

(Mina’s bloody hand)                                 

ROW your site

The shetland sheepdog is a mammal originating from the country of Switzerland. You call a class of shetland sheepdogs a herding. They can gain 12 to 16 pounds (5 to 7 kilograms). The height can be up to 3 to 18 inches (33 to 46 centimeters).

water consevation

You need to start using less water! H2O is going to start to disappear, so we need to work to use less Here are my ways to save water… First take short showers. why? Because it saves a lot of water,and most the water is not used.Did you know that water costs money? Next turn off the water while you wash your hands to use less. there are more gallons used than you think. finally use a water bottle instead of a plastic container plastic. uses water you know. Plus you can refill it. I think it’s major for all people to conserve water. I hope it will save the world!!!