Alli’s Swallowing stones book reveiw

Swallowing Stones by Joyce McDonald is about a boy named Michael that shot a winchester rifle bullet aimlessly into the sky to celebrate that he’d gotten from his grandfather.  The next he heard on the radio that a man (Jenna, the main character’s dad) was shot in the head from a stray bullet while repairing his roof.  Michael did not know Jenna or her father.  When Michael figures out that he was the one that killed jenna’s dad he starts to lie to his family and friends and hide the evidence.  Jenna goes through the stages of grief and eventually feels like she should kill her father’s murderer, but first she has to find out who it is.  The police start investigating and Jenna starts seeking.  Soon things start getting bad for Michael and Jenna starts to feel better.


I liked this book until the end.  I enjoyed how there was different chapters for Michael and Jenna to see their point of view.  It also had a very good plot line.  When the ending came it was just flat and it ends very abruptly.    

The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Me


two years ago my dog Penny died.  I was very upset.  tears rolled down my face for days,until I  ran out.

The house was soundless  because Penny was always energetic and lit the house up,  she constantly pounced on me, and tried to eat me up (in a playful way.)   She always covered me in slobber, and licked me like a popsicle!  It’s better to loved and lost than to never loved at all.


president poem

Had four different kind of interesting kind of jobs

Born on June 12, 1924 in Massachusetts

was a businessman from Texas

He married Barbra

Georgia H.W. Bush

President number 41

Was dedicated to curbing defect

Ordered military operations in Panama/Persian Gulf

Bush announced a vision to complete Space Station Freedom

My Look Backs and New Year Goals

This past year was amazing the first thing that I loved was when my stepsister Molley came for the summer we did a lot of super fun things like going  to the lake on our boat and swimming , and going to Dallas to go to Great Wolf Lodge together for the first time , while we where there we swam , and did a wizard game. We did a lot  of  other fun things but those where my favorite.

     An other look back is, my birthday! On my birthday I had a party, we had cookie cake and pizza we also did fun things like play headbands and looked at videos on youtube.

     One other thing that I loved was Christmas! for Christmas my  family came over and we opened presents, I got three books called friends making them and keeping them, Julie tells her story, and happy  New Year Julie. but the best thing that I got was an iPad, beats and a teatherball pole. Those where my look backs from the past year. Whats yours?