My Look Backs and New Year Goals

This past year was amazing the first thing that I loved was when my stepsister Molley came for the summer we did a lot of super fun things like going  to the lake on our boat and swimming , and going to Dallas to go to Great Wolf Lodge together for the first time , while we where there we swam , and did a wizard game. We did a lot  of  other fun things but those where my favorite.

     An other look back is, my birthday! On my birthday I had a party, we had cookie cake and pizza we also did fun things like play headbands and looked at videos on youtube.

     One other thing that I loved was Christmas! for Christmas my  family came over and we opened presents, I got three books called friends making them and keeping them, Julie tells her story, and happy  New Year Julie. but the best thing that I got was an iPad, beats and a teatherball pole. Those where my look backs from the past year. Whats yours?